2 thoughts on “Tsukiji, 7 AM

  1. I have a question about 5am tuna auction. Since they only let in 120 visitors to see it, does it even make sense to try? It seems that in order to make it to the 120 people, I would need to be there at 4am?

    And then, if I don’t make it to the tuna auction, when should I try to be at the market?

    thank you

    1. Hi Arthur.

      I believe these days people start queuing up as early as 2 AM to get access to the frozen tuna auction. I’m pretty sure that if you turn up at 4 AM you will not get one of the 120 available spots. If you don’t make it to the tuna auction, the inner market doesn’t open to tourists until 9:30 AM.

      Enjoy your visit!

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