Sushi Yoshizumi in early April – A photographic essay

Master chef Yoshizumi continues to prepare top quality ingredients with skill and care. From hashiri (early season) delights like hatsu-katsuo sashimi to labor-intensive preparations like hagashi toro, every meal is spectacular thanks to the chef’s hard work and dedication. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are very lucky to have him in the Bay Area.

Below are a few shots of my latest omakase meal at Sushi Yoshizumi on Friday April 8th. 

Sushi Yoshizumi
325 E 4th Ave.
San Mateo CA 94401

5 thoughts on “Sushi Yoshizumi in early April – A photographic essay

  1. Do you get the regular omakase or the extended? Looks like the extended. I see Chef Yoshi just increased his extended to $190 to $235. Ouch!

    Have you been to Hashiri yet. I am dying to go. After Bauer was so mean to them, I think they won’t last in their current form .

    1. Kell, sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed your message until now.

      Regarding your questions: I get whatever Yoshi-san puts in front of me… he typically makes a special menu for me because he knows I enjoy nigiri more than tsumami. 🙂

      I have not been to Hashiri yet. I’m not too interested in the kaiseki part of their omakase, and at that price point it just doesn’t appeal to me. Now, if they offered a “nigiri-only” omakase in the $150 or $200 PP range, I’d be there in a second! I haven’t seen Bauer’s review yet, need to search for it, should be good for a laugh. Bauer doesn’t know crap about sushi, so I’d take his opinion with a giant grain of salt.

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