Shako otsumami

Shako is a most wonderful tane. It has a grotesque appearance but such a unique and wonderful texture and flavor. It is interesting to note that it only gained popularity as a topping in Tokyo sushi shops  in the 1920s or 30s. Thankfully, it is now considered a classic nimono-dane, and is served at all good sushi shops during late spring and summer. Occasionally it is served without rice, as otsumami (appetizer) as pictured here. 

2 thoughts on “Shako otsumami

  1. I had this too! It was amazing with the eggs inside. My poor husband is allergic to shrimp. The small plate along with the best ankimo I have ever had! So creamy, so fresh! A handful of times at Koo, we would come just as the ankimo was made, still warm which is so different and so much better than the usual. But this was way beyond that! Included too what I think is the signature fish of Yoshizumi, his tako which we have so enjoyed I think every visit!!

    How lucky are we?

    1. We are indeed so lucky to have Yoshizumi-san and his wonderful sushi. Yes, that otsumami platter of shako, tako, and ankimo was a home-run, wasn’t it?

      Oh, and very sorry to hear about your husband’s shrimp allergy! On the bright side… more for you? 🙂

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