Tokyo Station Hotel: top concierge service

I sometimes get asked about the hotels in Tokyo with the best concierge services. Booking top sushi shops in Tokyo is not an easy task, and having a great hotel concierge certainly makes things a lot easier. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Tokyo Station Hotel. It’s not super pricy for a 5 star hotel (rooms can be had for less than $400 per night) and the concierge service is amazing. Head concierge Marie Antoinette Mori and her staff do not disappoint.

Tokyo Station Hotel
1 Chome-9-1 Marunouchi
Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
+81 3-5220-1111

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Station Hotel: top concierge service

  1. This is the same hotel I booked for my Christmas stay in Tokyo.
    Miss Mori has been so far a really helpful concierge and she’s trying to get me a seat at Sawada (hopefully she will!)
    By the way, what’s the explanation behind the difference in prices from lunch menu to dinner menu? Does the dinner menu have more dishes/better quality ingredients?

    1. Agreed Alex, Ms. Mori is fantastic. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t manage to get the Sawada booking for you.

      A lot of sushi shops offer nigiri-only menus at lunch, at reduced prices. Typically, these menus will offer slightly less expensive items than the dinner menu. For example, at dinner, you might get the classic tuna trio (akami zuke, chu toro, o toto) while at lunch you might not get the o-toro. Likewise, uni or abalone might not be served at lunch. Personally, I’m completely fine with it, the high price items are not necessarily my favorites. So yes, at lunch you get less or no otsumami, and cheaper ingredients for the nigiri. But the savings can be great. As an example, the full omakase at Iwa is about ¥22,000, while you can get 15 pieces of nigiri (more than enough to get stuffed) for only ¥8,000 at lunch!

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